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Engine sorted with new SQ needles although still a bit lean at the top end. MOT done no problems 60 miles up the road, oil change and 550miles round trip to MGC50 on new engine new car ad nothing fell off.

Engine tuning once again , running bit rich this time tried the old Gunson gas tester seemed to work we shall see. Nearing 1100miles now and getting ready to pickup for winter. Wires cleaned and oiled.

So pleased with the interior of the car , Jeff did a great job so worth the two year wait.

We travelled in company with Connor in the Blue GT , he did complain about the exhaust noise from mine. Get ear plugs !

The Car is now running with some fettling to do to engine tune and replace a leaking NEW water pump.

Two eléctric fans to replace the 14" one which was just too big to fit nicely. All controlled by a twin controller which fits where the USA second servo went.

The interior is in ready for MGC50. Might be missing a couple of C post covers for now. New fitted again correct shape.

Twin fan controller.

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