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NAU 226F 1967  

Now Sold . She's back racing again with the BCV8 and Cockshoot cup. 

Steve has updated the car somewhat with Frontline front and rear suspension setup with disc brakes. The engine is away for rebuild as well so it will be a car to be reckoned with soon.

Race Alloy head Sold to Steve for this car which has been raced this 2019 season

We have been out at Donnington this year for the first race, Connor driving this time in the dry for the first time. Having sort out his lack of brakes with a new servo 2.3:1 ratio which worked well. The car ran well if breathing a bit heavy still.

We made a new rocker with two 1/2" outlets on and replaced the heavy Alloy cover. A new catch tank fitted and breather pipes changed. We have made an adaptor to fit on the old mechanical pump area to again allow crank breathing.

Getting ready for Donnington in April, new servo and brake lines maybe new MC if needed.

Adjustable drop links for the antiroll bar.

Wildwood caliper and new EBC disc fitted . in place of the seized original caliber

No Servo now and free of oil , the oil catch tank is coming out and a new one going in to take three breathers , this engine breaths hard last time out the pipe came off and oil deposited all over the engine bay and track. The ensuing smoke in the cabin made me pull in. Great support from all friends to get a new stolen header tank from a MGC in the car park and some nifty new plumbing got me back out. Only for the brakes to have had their day and rather than risk running round with little in the way of stopping power I pulled in again

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