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MGB 3330PE

Lights from the sixties 

So whats been happening so far , well the Shell is now old english white and the suspension items are being gathered .


Darren at Damico has the engine I found a Ivor Searle unit with a 1000miles on it for £100.

So far

JE pistons

Maxspeed rods

Cam but may have to change its a bit wild.

Crank being modified a bit :-)

Uprated oil pump.

very light Flywheel from Mr John Targett in the states.

Gear box

4 sync unit being rebuilt by J.D Dains with SCCR gears etc.

New 4 puck SPEC stage 4 clutch unit

Clutch is a Spec unit solid hub and John Targetts flywheel.

 Not quite a RWD mini, yet our new SCCR box.

All painted now and ready to fit out.

 The Crank has been lightened and balanced, cross drilled.

 Light weight demister. £3.99 maplins. 

 Trumpets for the 45 DCOE

Nice new GRP bonnet ready to be painted.

First outing for Connor at Donington qualifying in the wet and a dry race not easy for a first time racing, "I didn't like that"!!

Still not last and round in one piece which is more than can be said for others.

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