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About Us

Holmes racing is a father and youngest son with an unhealthy liking for MG's and Classic Mini's. Racing MGC's has come about after track days became a bit mundane and a "Why don't you race it" from Graham Turner (917/GT40/Lola).

We currently run in the BCV8 as invitation class .

We have started to do development work on the MGC alloy head and other alloy items mainly for the race MGC's but transfer of ideas goes down the line.

I use a couple of local companies to build engines, gearboxes and engineering work so have full control.

Customers can have a chat with us over what they may require and I encourage them talking directly to my engine builder to understand exactly what they require. All too often people say I want a Fast Road engine and get what someone else says is a fast road engine.

I have always tried to sell what I make for my own cars as away of offsetting development but now the time has come to make a real business of it.

MGC spares run by Steve Curtis is a partner with us as well as being good friend over a number of years. If its something for a MGC you want, he has it or can find it at a reasonable cost.

Darren can build race engines or a fast road to your requirements he can be relied upon to give you what you want, Engines are dyno'd and run in before you receive them.

Based in Norwich close to Snetterton race circuit, we can assist in trackdays with advice or where to stay.

Shaun Holmes                     07515368936

Connor Holmes                    07877116047

Steve Curtis                         07882412705




Mon - Fri: 9AM - 9PM

Sat: 10AM - 7PM

Sun: Closed 

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