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MGC GT 1968 Mineral Blue


Have used a ceramic polish or coating on the car and at first glance appears to do what it says on the tin. Time will tell if the coating will last.

The Alloy head will be coming off this car and its original head back on, new valves narrow shaft ones and seats fitted

About to have some paint work done to to remove some blemishes which to spoil the car, £1000 worth of work to make this a very nice car.

This and XLB went to MGC 50 nice drive there and back with no problems at all.

Retracked the car after fitting new track rod ends , the new ones are way too long and had to be machined down to get the track right - Beware its not just a count the threads.

Alloy head is fitted and running well, some 1500 miles on her now 30/04/17 .

Fitted a modern radio and new speakers to replace the 80's unit.

Uprated dizzy, new leads and coil.

Also fitted new led gauge lamps in blue so I can now see whats happening.

Couple of items need doing are the shocks both ends are past there best new GAZ for front have arrived and I will clean and refill the levers with 15w racing fork oil for now. All done what a difference the rear levers were replace with overhauled set.

New Gaz and rebuilt rear lever arm shocks fitted now drives as it should . The anti rattle shims on drivers side had seen better days so have been replaced.

Recent addition to the Holmes collection, at last another with a MOT and one that can be driven on the road without earplugs.

A 1968 Oct but registered March 1970 original steel wheel non O/D car in Mineral blue.

The car has been restored, engine in early 90's and body 2000. Owned by one owner since 2001 who has pampered her and is a credit to her that this car is in fine order. Fully detailed history from 2001 and some from previous owners.

The large washer bottle and fire pump that it feed will be changed , having not tried the horns I'm curious to know what tune they play.

The Servo is not original and we will change that out at some point.

Very please to have this one to drive for MGC 50.

More later when I get all the paperwork.

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