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The engine was not running smoothly for a C , so checks revealed high temperatures on 3 and 6 , running very lean. Compression and leak down checks done all ok, head changed just incase it had cracks common nowadays no change.

During the build I had changed the manifold , one thing I had not checked was the fuel drain ports on the manifold , I had plugged them on the old manifold but had not done on this new one ,an oversight!! . These holes normally they have a very small capillary tube from them and they are on inlet to 3 and 6.

Plugged, the engine is running well , a colour tune was used to get a carb setup.

Joys car has been started at last , however a issue with the rotor arm caused some hassle with starting. That sorted the car is running but another problem of the exhaust gasket has a leak causing uneven running. The exhaust is NOS been cleaned up and resprayed with VHT paint.

Not enough to stop the engine and cam being run in correctly. Next step off with carbs and replace the gasket. Plan is to run it at MGC day in June also at MGLive .

Bit of a change to Madames car, I left it too long before getting back to it and by the looks of it set water with fuel when I tried to start it a while ago , result seized rings.

So engine came out and a replacement fitted in September, once again due to illness I never started fitting the carbs till October and will not finish now till xmas.

Still this time I won't not run the car.

Exhaust is now standard (wife does not drive fast) and engine is +60 and standard cam.

The Story 

This car came with some history it belonged to two brothers who had a C each and used to track them the GT was damaged and the roadster sent for rebuild. Sadly one passed away and the roadster shell and GT bits were sold on.

The Body was already done paint work needs a fair bit of elbow grease to cut back and polish.

Darren at Damico has worked his magic and the engine rebuilt to fast road spec, using my old ported head and a new AH2 cam. standard 1 3/4" carbs. 

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