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The Ebay special. SOLD

Video of a track day at Snetterton , just playing 

Great days racing at Oulton park, MG Cup car ran great a little underpowered it seems other 170's are faster on the straights. So Think some more tinkering with is required .

Donnigton park race weekend the first real race since regaining my licence from illness. terrific fun to drive a circuit I know well in a front wheel drive car. Craners flat out !!!!

We bought the ZR as a track toy for our ladies but so far have used it for a couple of track days and two race days.

Basically it was ready to race, put in new fire extinguisher and new tyres.

The car setup was ok to start with and running a front wheel car round a track at speed is a bit different dare I say too easy compared to the C.

Full roll cage , new fire extinguisher and harness.

FIRST RUN OUT was Donnington Park , interesting how different a FWD car is, first time I have ever been flat-out through Craner's . Stable in corners no understeer. Not quite as fast as the C but immense fun to drive I can recommend one.

SECOND RUN OUT was Oulton Park what a great track never been before but will go again even if it is the other side of the world. It has a Carousel !! This time I played with the rear suspension a bit too much, set it MG Trophy bloody unstable but thats how they like it to get rear spinning into bend. Not for me put it halfway back much better some skittish moment under braking but ok this time. Its supposed to be a 170 but more like a 140 could not keep up with 160 on straights . Maybe 100k and standard about everything is not enough.

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