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MGC brakes 

AP RacingRear brakes fitted 287mm, worked well no front lockups this time so time will tell if that improves my times. Relatively easy fit and the MC has enough capacity to cope without a lone pedal.

So much to look at with MGC brakes , esp if you want to upgrade.

I have one MGC which has the dual MC's and bias bar a out and out race car the others have the single circuit MC and servo. Most race cars run without a servo as perceived pedal feel is better its a matter of choice for me on the green GT I have a nice set up of Wilwood 4 pots on the front and standard rear drums all with the original 0.725 MC and 3.1:1 grilling servo.

      Connors white MGC has had one failure of the servo a cheaper alternative to the Girling, we have tried a original MC and no servo and it was a total disaster no brake at all very hard pedal.

      I plan to try a 2.3:1 servo and the standard MC and then change to a 0.625 MC and see the difference.

Brake pads another maze of choice, I have used Hawk Blue for some time and am happy with them. Ferodo 2500 did not fair well with very poor wear rate. I have a set of EBC blue to try in Connors car at Donnington in April. Everyone has there own choice and comfort zone with pads there is no one suits all.

      Again a lot of people who run tuned cars on the road think they need a race type material, not true race material needs heat to work and a cold brake pad on the road is risking an accident.


Why not to use drilled discs, look pretty and aggressive but used hard they will crack and possibly fail

EBC dimpled and grooved good quality disc works well, not cheap.

Here used with the Wilwood Dyanlite 4 pot 44mm pistons

Mock up for the USA MGC race car. Custom made discs and Wilwood callipers again. This replaces the Jag three pots and drilled out discs. I just need to remake adaptors to correct width and these should work a treat. Heavy but another step forward to modern brakes without breaking the bank.

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