MGC Racing and Road - It does go round corners
MGC Roadster shell.
Mineral Blue car, this shell has been walnut blasted and etch primed, its about to go on the spit to be seam sealed and stonechiped then colour coated in original Mineral blue. All reconditioned suspension fitted , Axle fitted and made into rolling shell.
Price at around £7300+ not including wings bonnet or boot. If you were to price out this shell having had rear wings, sills done, blasted to this stage and then add the other items this is what cars come to price wise be it MGB or MGC. There are no cheap options.

MGC Roadster Body Shell only.  £4650
   Have enough newly refurbished suspension parts to get it to a rolling shell so new year will build up. Seal and stone chip the underside. If you want it then £7300+ If anyone is interested in this I will paint the underside to Mineral blue over stone chip its original colour. Install suspension with all new poly bushes.
Wire wheel axle and reconditioned front stub axles.
Lets look at prices for parts alone
Refinished front suspension parts      £180
Stub axles (refurb) , bearings             £300
Poly bush set full                                £326
Set of secondhand wire wheels.        £100
Rear springs and fittings                    £190
Axle secondhand ( needs check) but painted. 
Two doors in very good condition.     £400
Wings new or S/H.                             £???
Steering rack and new ends.             £200
Steering Column and UJ.                  £280
Bolts sundries                                    £80
Hinges doors and Boot.                     £45
Good boot lid.                                    £120
Seam seal and stonechip under        £56
Adds up to over 7300++ without hours of work. If you bought a car requiring bodywork as well add a minimum £3000.
Which will make this shell when rolling worth the money we will ask. We can supply engine, gearbox rebuilt or for rebuild POA. Full repaint again ask but I do not spray but have a couple of very good paint shops who can do a very nice job.

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