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Our 1969 MGC GT was originally a standard BRG automatic when purchased in 1982, then in 2006 the bodywork was built to the stunning Sebring Spec you see. Since 2006 she has had many engine rebuilds in the hunt for more power, from 2006 its started with a MG Motorsport fast road/track engine which was around 170bhp and recently in mid 2015 the engine now has 296bhp.
Full Spec Below:
Body Work:
Sebring (fiberglass) fender flares, with hand-rolled aluminum front valance and flush fiberglass rear valance. Finished in British Racing Green (GN29) with Snowberry White roundels. Sebring headlamp fairings, over 100/80 Watt H4 bulbs. New laminated windscreen with safety glass in other windows. Monza style 3.5" fuel filler on C-pillar.
Full roll cage. Ridgard RS9 racing seats with Willans four-point 3" harnesses. Plumbed fire suppression system. FIA external kill switch and extenguisher control. Moto-Lita 15" steering wheel with quick release hub. Paddy Hopkirk accelerator pedal (helps with heel-and-toe driving). 8000 rpm tachometer. Later model MGB stalk switch (with headlamp dip, etc.).
CP forged pistons (custom)
Longer forged rods
Lightened flywheel
Cam is a 649 @104' 0.5" lift by Pipers
Full Race Alloy head completed by Peter Burgess.
New race harmonic balancer , roller rockers.
Engine rebuilt by Damico race engines in Norfolk UK now dynoed at 285hp.
AT Power throttle bodies on Weber Manifolds running off a Typhoon ECU.
ProAlloy Alloy Radiator.
Crank ladder.
Baffled sump.
Maniflow exhaust manifold joined to a custom 2" LongLife system.
Modified oil and water ways to for better flow.
Much Much More.......
Straight cut close ratio 4 speed box with overdrive.
Internal mods for better layshaft oil feed.
Rebuilt MGC Salisbury axle with Quaife limited slip differential and stock 3.07:1 final drive ratio.
Front: uprated torsion bars. Spax adjustable shock absorbers. 1" anti-roll bar.
High ratio steering rack (2.9 turns lock-to-lock).
Rear:uprated leaf springs. Adjustable race lever springs
Anti tramp bars
Front: Wilwood alloy 4 pot callipers with slotted and dotted discs.
Back: Standard
Compomotive ML 15x8 wheels with Yoko 048's also Dunlop 215 50 15 DZ3

Some Youtube vids
MGCGT fuel injection
MGCGT CP forged pistonsMGCGT Fuel injectionShaun Holmes MGCGTS  Holmes racing
So the next step for the winter rebuild is a new cam to drop the rpm and up the torque, also the crank will have some work and a nice new light flywheel. Hopefully the car will be just as enjoyable. Last season last on we fitted some new gas front shocks made for me by Gaz sized and valved as requested this changed the front end dramatically.
The Alloy Hubs and new discs fitted ready for next season. Wilwood calipers rebuilt, we do have New sets available.

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