MGC Racing and Road - It does go round corners
Our Classic Mini purchased back in June 2011 was a sorry looking Mini 30 998 with faded and cracked paint work and the usual rust issues. This too we restored to the lovely condition you see to the right. 
Bodywork and paint done to original 30 Black.
Bullet mirrors.
original apart from a Custom Consoles colour coded dash and digital oil pressure gauge and digital water temp gauge.
NODIZ now fitted and ready for setting up , it runs on base map.
1275 MG Metro Engine
1310cc Stage 2 engine
10.5:1 compression ratio
AE 21253 +.040 Cast pistons
Crankshaft reground, new Vandervell comp bearings and thrusts
A+ Conrods balanced
Kent megadyne 286, steel faced oil pump & duplex timing chain kit
Stage 2 ported and polished cylinder head with bosses removed, 35.5mm inlet, 29mm exhaust triple collet valves fitted with 185lbs double valve springs.
Re-ground crank nitro'd,
Balanced assembly, 
Steel centre main strap.
Nodiz Mappable ignition.
Modified HIF44 carb and inlet manifolds
Maniflow LCB
Rebuilt gearbox with centre oil pick-up and uprated diff pin.
Turbo clutch
8.4" front discs with green stuff pads
rear are standard
Uprated front bushes all round,
Adjustable tie bars.
12x5.5j Revolutions with 165 Yoko a039's

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