MGC Racing and Road - It does go round corners
WE may have a MGCGT solid, stated "no rust" ex dry climate car coming in. Will require interior and recommissioning. A chance to stamp your own signature on a car.

MGC Roadster Body Shell only.  £4650
I Have enough newly refurbished suspension parts to get it to a rolling shell so new year will build up. Seal and stone chip the underside. If you want it then £7300+ If anyone is interested in this I will paint the underside to Mineral blue over stone chip its original colour. Install suspension with all new poly bushes.
Wire wheel axle and reconditioned front stub axles.
Lets look at prices for parts alone
Refinished front suspension parts      £180
Stub axles (refurb) , bearings             £300
Poly bush set full                                £326
Set of secondhand wire wheels.        £100
Rear springs and fittings                    £190
Axle secondhand ( needs check) but painted. 
Two doors in very good condition.     £400
Wings new or S/H.                             £???
Steering rack and new ends.             £200
Steering Column and UJ.                  £280
Bolts sundries                                    £80
Hinges doors and Boot.                     £45
Good boot lid.                                    £120
Seam seal and stonechip under        £56
Adds up to over 7300++ without hours of work. If you bought a car requiring bodywork as well add a minimum £3000.
Which will make this shell when rolling worth the money we will ask. We can supply engine, gearbox rebuilt or for rebuild POA. Full repaint again ask but I do not spray but have a couple of very good paint shops who can do a very nice job.

Engines for sale:
One complete, inc sump and flywheel (no carbs)
Two blocks with heads no sumps.
from £650 to £975 all need rebuilds but none are rusty boat anchors .

SOLD Will be bringing a GT shell home in early January if anyone is interested requires usual items like sills etc. This shell is being rebuilt by two gentlemen in there spare time, I'm impressed with there enthusiasm and the work that they have infront of them. 
Picture of Steve Curtis having a cuppa after helping strip the shell.

YPE Will be having dry sump trials this year to see how feasible to work this in a C , it has been done in the past but with issues. Its a large pump needed to supply all the surfaces the original pump is 45ltrs per 1000rpm and we have not come across a off engine pump of that volume.

Following on from the issues with getting machine time on the CNC we have moved the alloy head machine work to another company. Hopefully these, the last of many hurdles.
Update Jan:- All data files have now been received and are with new shop so hopefully they can get started on transfer of data and test run.

New batch of Alloy radiators have arrived in stock I have a couple of black sprayed ones if anyone wants one not so shiny. £192 inc pp to UK mainland.
A few left , I will not be bringing many more in as customs now require 60% anti dumping tax .

Made some stepped washers for those who fitted the Maniflow tubular and standard inlets. Not for sale yet have not done enough.

CBJ678H For sale £18950 with Alloy head. 
Has been in the paint shop for some paint blemishes to be removed and now the paint is perfect . As before we will now put the car on the market, with or without the Alloy head.

XLB500G. For Sale £26500
Our White GT £2300 interior fitted.

NAU226 Off the market.
The Car ran at Snetterton for practice and Qualifying but a cracked sump brought a halt to any racing. So now engine out and repair the sump before next year. or any sale.

Been working on replacing all engine parts been slow as had to clean and repaint a  number of different items. Should only require an exhaust fitting and we will be ready to start the new engine.

Two cars on Rolling Road.

Interesting to see difference in the Alloy head against another standard car.

Sorry cannot rotate pic in the site.  The 
curves are showing some feeling issues with the white car.

18hp Difference for the head 

As the XLB had a standard head, carbs and a tubular manifold and CBJ (alloy head) had a standard cast iron manifold I would say the head alone is worth 20hp.

is up for sale sadly we need to get used more and we are not at home or fit enough at present.

AS you can see she has been very well kept and little raced. a bonus issue is a early roadster chassis 0155 so first fifty odd off the line.

MGC 50 at the Chateaux.
Great event great people.

Both cars ready for the drive to MGC 50.

Vernier Cam gearfor the C a must for getting cam timing correct. New small batch has arrived in stock.
£156 +pp Two left of batch.

A mock up of Wilwood callipers and vented discs is in progress new discs  made in NI for us. Hope this will replace the Jag callipers and rusty redrilled discs on the Yellow car.
Steve Curtis has rebuilt the king pin/stub axle for me and next stop is replace the torsion bar bushes. 

Spares News

A new batch of alloy Inlets for webers has been machined and two sets gone one to USA and another to Classic car garage for a customer fitting 45DCOE's .
Included is throttle arm and BSPP vac hose adaptor.
£619 These are gas flowed to weber 45's or 48's if needed. 
This set we just supplied complete with carbs jetted to suit base set up for a C for a hill climb car.

Alloy Hubs 

One set left. Fitted with studs 50% weight saving. SOLD awaiting new batch

Including new bearings.
The hubs are made mainly for racing guys with the weight saving on the front suspension but as the original hubs are becoming harder to find in good condition this gives an alternative to replacing those wires with Minilites (less maintenance). Weight is 1.296kg compared with 3kg .

Alloy Back plates.

£306 another few kilos off.
None left as of March 17. New stock ordered please enquire.

Something a bit different from SC a twin cam Mini 1380cc

Very nice 150hp available with compressor or turbo 

Drop us a mail for information or goto Specialist components .in our links.

Snetterton Weekend Racing in the Rain.

Connor's second ever race outing once again in the wet, in a strange car to him. he has changed from  a FIA B to the MGC. With car not really set up for wet and some dodgy Steering geometry (went round right handers ok , not left ones)

Nice drifting by many, in the PBIC I think all came away scratch free even Jonesy! who I think retired early to preserve his P38 (plastic padding or bondo.)

One less fortunate in another series suffered no one hurt though.

MGC 50th Anniversary 2017
Time and spaces are running out fast, so if you want to take part in this Amazing Event you will have to Book your place as soon as possible.
The Event has been organised by Barrie & Ginny Cartmell and will give all MG C members a fantastic four days of activities.

Steve has a number of half engines/blocks which he is contemplating weighting in at the scrap merchant, most can be cleaned and would be usable. Make him an offer if you need a spare. He has some complete ones but will only part with for a pot of gold etc.
At present no spare cast iron heads available.

Steve Platers MGC is now in the shop.
 remarkable condition just a few battle scars, patina they say! Engine and box are out and will be overhauled or rebuilt. King pins to be rebushed and new bushes on the torsion bars.

Spares News
A new batch of alloy Inlets for webers is being cast be ready for machining to order.

Looks like the Holmes Racing household will get another MGC race car. In a deal with our MGB going to a good home to be raced seriously.


Mallory Race Meeting

Great cct if a bit short for a C, several crashes made it a expensive weekend thankfully all drivers were ok , Paul Eales was taken to hospital for concussion but later released and excused work for a while.
Silverstone Race Meeting MGlive. June 4th5th
Not a good meeting car wise lost all oil pressure in race one so a premature end to the weekend. Car is now ready for a engine rebuild and some touchups to the engine bay. not clean enough now.
We stayed and watched for a while Sunday before heading off home, great weekend with some nice people. 
Donnington Race Meeting . 4th April.
First Race of the season and a wet start to the day, not good for the C and V8 . None the less a good turn out for the first one. Some retirements due to failures , head gasket on Allans Metro, and Peter threw a piston thro the block.
Some links to footage from different cars. Click on picture . Pictures by PETER FRENCH great Trackside photographer please support his work on Facebook.

                                  New crate engine complete with spark plugs hanging in a bag..
This engine has been stripped cleaned and is now ready to be fitted to a restoration project. New engine in new car.

Sunbeam Alpine in for some Chrome powder coated wires.

The Alloy Heads being machined.

New addition to the family 1967 Lhd Sold to France very sadly missed.
All new carpets recent seats, suspension overhauled undersealed , engine pulls very nicely suspect it has been rebuilt.
It will be for sale if someone offers a fair price.



Some of the parts we have made so far, Steve Curtis has these in stock.


MGCGT at Silverstone. in the SR and GT challenge.
Peter Best Challenge Snetterton Oct 4-5th.





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