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Steve Platers MGC is now in the shop , remarkable condition just a few battle scars, patina they say! Engine and box are out and will be overhauled or rebuilt. King pins to be rebushed and new bushes on the torsion bars.
A nice PTT clutch unit and lightened flywheel to refurbish with new plates.

At last the first Alloy Head is going on a car. after many years of pushing and disappointments we now have a head to use. Testing will go ahead and any improvements will be incorporated in the next batch.
Many Thanks to John, at Specialist Components and Darren at Damico Race engines for all the hard work.

Spares News

A new batch of alloy Inlets for webers is being cast be ready for machining in 6 weeks (Aug)

There sets of alloy Hubs again August approx for delivery.

Looks like the Holmes Racing household will get another MGC race car. In a deal with our MGB going to a good home to be raced seriously.

Another MGC awaiting it ride back home , what 
colour do you reckon it should be a Iris blue or black.

Mallory Park July 3rd

Next race coming up, I will be using Connors MGC the white roadster , he's been busy getting it ready. New callipers, pads lots of items to do as she has not been used for a while. 20 starters so far hope for more.

Not a good day for us , the header tank split, requiring the removal or theft of a poor friends MGC concours tank. Next the servo stuck on , bypassed that which I think led to a race with no brakes. 
Great cct if a bit short for a C, several crashes made it a expensive weekend thankfully all drivers were ok , Paul Eales was taken to hospital for concussion but later released and excused work for a while.

Silverstone Race Meeting MGlive. June 4th5th

Not a good meeting car wise lost all oil pressure in race one so a premature end to the weekend. Car is now ready for a engine rebuild and some touchups to the engine bay. not clean enough now.
We will also look at airflow to and from the engine bay always a issue with these cars.
We stayed and watched for a while Sunday before heading off home, great weekend with some nice people. 

Donnington Race Meeting . 4th April.

First Race of the season and a wet start to the day, not good for the C and V8 . None the less a good turn out for the first one. Some retirements due to failures , head gasket on Allans Metro, and Peter threw a piston thro the block.

Some links to footage from different cars. Click on picture . Pictures by PETER FRENCH great Trackside photographer please support his work on Facebook.

David Strike back to form after a few scratches last year. Also back to health nice to see his pit crew still working hard and passing out the ballast.

More Barn finds to the collection of cars awaiting some TLC

MGCGT Auto Think I need more than a duster.

New crate engine complete with spark plugs hanging in a bag..

Sunbeam Alpine in for some Chrome powder coated wires.

The Alloy Heads being machined.

Weber intake manifold pattern has now been obtained by us and they are in the process of being cast and should be ready for the end of Feb to be machined. We have only 5 sets ordered so its make you mind up time steel or Alloy which looks correct !!!. 

Coming later will be the inlet manifolds for triple SU's 

addition to the line up of Alloy Parts superb MGC Alloy back plate.

Adjustable drop link to get that antiroll bar set correctly. Coming soon after testing.

Well that's the cars tucked up for the rainy season, plenty to be getting on with ready for next year. The Alloy heads have now been given to a new company to complete having had issues with others over the last year. This is a well respected company who turn out some awesome engines and machine work in Alloy.
Other items are being made by Steve and myself which can only help keep our cars on the road and looking good for years to come.
If we can assist you in any way drop us a line even if we cannot supply it or do trhe work we have many good friends and contacts.
Don't forget 2017 will be the MGC 50th Ginny at the MGCC will I'm sure be pushing for support hopefully it will be longer event than a weekend. I have heard that Her Majesty will issue VISA's to those from NZ,AUS and USA how ever the UK border control will stop and search all European cars for our illegal cousins,tobacco unless the owner is over 70 accompanied by both parents.
Seasons greetings to all.
New addition to the family 1967 Lhd
 MGBGT very solid car been in UK since 97 but never registered has been restored at some point. SOLD
All new carpets recent seats, suspension overhauled undersealed , engine pulls very nicely suspect it has been rebuilt.
paintwork has some minor shade differences expect a bonnet and bottom half respray, was hoping to use it for a run or two across the channel but can only get two paying asylum seekers in so not worth it.
It will be for sale if someone offers a fair price.
Alloy Front hubs
are made .
ALL SOLD contact us if you  want a pair , I will remake if enough interest. 3 New sets are on order as of June 16.
They come fitted with studs, reading for bearings and fitting. Ours come anodised in Silver, the aircraft grade alloy does not take other dyes very well.
The hubs are made mainly for racing guys with the weight saving on the front suspension but as the original hubs are becoming harder to find in good condition this gives an alternative to replacing those wires with Minilites (less maintenance). Weight is 1.296kg compared with 3kg .

New for this rebuild is a removable cover to allow access to the vernier pulley to adjust without removing the Crank pulley and damper.


MGC ALLOY Water pump Pulleys including a large diameter one for racing or cars pulling over 6000rpm, this drops the rpm of the pump by 1000 rpm to reduce cavitation.
Wieghts in grams 
Standard steel = 833g or 1lb 13.3oz
standard Alloy = 356g or 12.6oz  £47 +pp
Race Alloy       = 548g or 1lb 3.3oz £57+pp
Size difference also the race has a small chamfer to assist in strength.

MGB  Possibly for SALE due to another race project which needs doing. Please call for details.


The 63 B just back after a long rebuild. a few more small items to do, its got a MOT and taxed again after some 27 years. Hopefully we will be racing her with Connor at the wheel next year in what series we don't know yet. Maybe the Peter Best insurance challenge .
First test run at a wet Snetterton was interesting on Yoko 048's very very sideways , on the Dunlop CR65 was just as sideways but more control. Unfortunately the gearbox was struggling to get 2nd, so out with the box and new syncro  rings and a sprung clutch plate to replace the solid hub one which to be honest vibrated too much for me.
Uprated TORSION BARS £370/pair only. once again!!! more being made as of  April . We do have original size blanks (no splines cut) for a reasonable price make an offer!!!!
Donington 2nd race 2014 (click on photo)

Many Items still being made for the C by Steve.
Including the Alloy heads which we have now procured the plugs for casting, the casters "Hastings" are endeavouring to fit us in not easy with such a small firm doing sic fine work form many well known makers.



Engine restraints £42 pair +pp
Bypass Plug
Exhaust hanger
Gearbox splash /stone guard
Made to Order Flywheel destined for the USA
Tie rods new and painted ready to fit

MGB 63 FIA car starting to take shape with Engine build started , gearbox etc

MGCGT at Silverstone. in the SR and GT challenge.
Peter Best Challenge Snetterton Oct 4-5th.
Two 2nd in class for the C , great weekend and what a nice bunch. Superb weather and some large grids made it a great last race of the Season.
The Season Review video has been kindly done by James Derby 
That was 2013 , 2014 we continued with our plan to get rid of the yellow cross, Brands, Silverstone MG90 and Donington , some really good racing results two driver of the race trophy's 


This car has just gone to be resprayed in original Flame red with clear-coat so no more clouding/fading of paintwork. Only resprayed because of a poor respray last time. if I am not happy then I will not want to sell it to others.
 No a good shot the colour is a bit off on the flash. by end of December should look like a nice C.
MGC Water jacket covers in Alloy only 900g netbatch now in  Ebay one sold for £161 so maybe we sell them too cheap. call email for your price

Alloy again UK made, Swan neck header complete with O ring'd plug, replace that old cap with a professional item. £85 each, have come down due to bigger order from us . They may look similar to those advertised elsewhere but our quality surpasses anything on the market now.
We are also looking into remaking the swan neck itself many have suffered with rotting away , hopefully a plug can be made that will be cost effective.
 - Alloy Radiators, no waiting for weeks and having to pay shipping costs and customs duty/vat. No epoxy fully welded 50mm core, The mini guys use this company and they like them, the MGC one is nicely made better than all expectations -- HAVE a LOOK at the products page.
MGC Allloy Radiators with drain valve.
15 more have arrived  . With costs from source having risen the price for these now are £195 still a lot cheaper than buying from Ebay. They fit as well !!
MGA twin cam one only ex display £160. MGB later one only suit race car £160. SOLD
Need your MGC gearbox rebuilt o/d or not we have a man who can .
MGC Spares is run by Steve Curtis who has a wealth of experience and either has or can find parts for your car at reasonable prices.  
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